Oh, london

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Instagram meet!

On Sunday, I went to my first ‘World Wide Instagram Meet’ – where a group of Instagrammers who’d never met each other before got together for a wonderful brunch (see below!) and walk. We chatted about our combined love of avocado toast, and what Instagram meant to each of us.

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then, we went off on a wander around Cambridge. It was truly eye-opening walking around with people who hadn’t seen it before, and who, like me, were seeing it through the eyes of their Instagram lens. I can’t remember the last time I really appreciated this city. The slog in and out of school every day slightly de-romanticised it for me, but it all seems so fresh now!

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can you believe I’d never been punting? I’ve lived here for 18 years, and it took an Instagram meet to get me on the water.


a little while back Verily Magazine asked me to write for them about why I started this blog. I’m so excited to share my piece –


There is so little out there for the children of parents with terminal cancer, and I would love to help change that for people facing similar situations. It can feel – and did feel – hopeless and pretty awful.

Using my blog and Instagram to chronicle the little bits of life that were still ok truly lifted me, and my mum took great solace in it as well. It helped remind her, too, of the small happinesses in our strange new life, and reassured her that we would be ok in a world without her.

Her ‘Instagram like’ was always my favourite, and I will forever miss her witty comments, often posted while I was in the room next door 😄 Carpe diem!!! #verilymoment

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breakfast choc fest

someone smashed into dad in his car yesterday evening but he’s all ok (car is def not – argh!) hero bf and I went to pick him up and it was actually gloriously sunny, and the site of the incident gave a wonderful view of the Duxford air show!

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